. The stumblers...

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The stumblers...

So here's a little physics lesson for you all. 'What!!', you cry 'I want to read about tube stuff you might giggle'. Well my intrepid friends, this pertains to an incident we see all too often on those hellish trains to nowhere.

Every single day, on every single train, at every single stop someone either stumbles or nearly falls as the train starts or stops moving. Normally, this would.be fine and probably quite funny were it not for the fact that it's usually into another person, sometimes me.

Look! Physics!
So, it appears that some people don't understands the basic principles of physics or inertia. I'm not to get into the nitty, but basically, when the train starts moving, you will move with it. Shocking, I know but work with me here. Now, if the train were to start and stop randomly, it would be disconcerting; the trick here is that its actually very predictable when you might want to brace yourself. The amount of people who get caught off guard is worrying. I once witnessed a woman almost fall over 4 times in row. That truly is something special.

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