. Species of Tube Traveller #9 - The DJ

Monday, 4 February 2013

Species of Tube Traveller #9 - The DJ

The DJ is an odd beast as it is one of the species of commuter that can be found both overground and in the tunnels of the earth below. Although the DJ is less annoying than other underground oddities, it is still distracting enough to make itself a nuisance with tinny sounds and excessive movements. This creature likes to play music at inhumanly high levels, either to scare off predators, or attract potential mates and is often completely unaware of where it is. This is sometimes accompanied by frantic movements of the head and body in a primitive attempt to communicate with the outside world, or warn against interaction.

The DJ

Usually, the DJ can be identified by earphones which we assume to also be how it manages bodily waste, but there does seem to be a sub-species that simply uses speakers to emit its conspicuous cacophony. I observed one individual who has a PSP games console pressed to his ear the entirety of this trip, intensely staring forward and nodding his head to the tinny urban sounds. It is believed that The DJ is incredibly thick-skulled which may be why they seem to be unable to listen to music at levels anything less than eardrum-bursting. DO NOT attempt to remove their earphones at any point as we are unsure as their function and the creature may become irate.

Habitat – Overground, underground, middle ground, lower ground

Special Skills – bopping, resistance to loud sounds, nodding, tapping feet and hands

Weaknesses – Good music, physical restrain, lemongrass

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