. It's getting toasty down there!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

It's getting toasty down there!

It’s getting seriously warm down there in the tubes and coupled with lots of people in an enclosed space, it’s a real treat! It’s not really anyone’s fault of course but there is something unsettling about being nasally assaulted by of 30+ people. It’s kind of like when your bin is full of rubbish and it all ends up smelling the same, regardless of what the trash consists of. Even more baffling are the people who still seem to have sweaters and coats on – it actually makes me feel hotter just looking at them. Here are some ways you can stay cool:

  • Freeze your underwear during the day and put them on just before travelling
  • Think frosty thoughts
  • Hire Japanese geishas to fan you
  • Don’t go to work
  • Take off your winter wear
  • Stand at the end of the carriage and stick your head out of the window (decapitation may occur)
  • Encourage everyone to blow on eachother throughout the journey
  • Befriend a snowman and bring him on with you (unfortunately he will die)
  • Listen to Prince. He’s pretty cool.
  • Pass the time by raising tropical plants and marsupials.
  • Don't board a train that is on fire (see below for example)

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